Sacchettificio Turconi
Tutto italiano, dal 1953

The Sacchettificio Turconi

The brand Turconi has been synonimous of quality, punctuality and excellence for sixty years. The company was born by Agostino Turconi’s will in 1953; under the leadership of the subsequent generations it has grown and expanded through the use of highly innovative machinaries thanks to the continuous research and development.
Turconi SpA is the largest Italian company in the production and sale of packaging; the company’s success is decreed by the high quality of production and customer’s satisfaction.
Every day  by Turconi plants more than 100.000 Kgs of paper packagings are produced.
The production ranges from the simple standard paper bag to the innovative Tuttafinestra with a wide transparent surface, patented by Turconi.
Hight quality raw materials, innovative manufacturing processes and sixty years of experience, give to Turconi the position as a leader in the food packaging market, confirmed by all its customers.

The future is now

Turconi’s position in relation to the environment is very clear. The company is endowed with a photovoltaic system that develops an output of 600 kWp, able to satisfy the energy needs of all machinaries.
The company, in order to emphasize its commitment and attention to environmental issues, created the lineI Love Nature, that combines ease of use with a young and eco-fiendly style.

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